Our Story

Senorita Sufuentez and Gordo were living in London. An odd place to be introduced to the intricacies of Mexican food, but the place nonetheless. Forever fans of tequila, their hearts were open to the barrage of burrito bars and Mexican eateries and oh how they indulged.

As they were driving down through Africa on their way back home, Senorita and Gordo reminisced over fire-roasted cheesy quesadillas and killer guac about tequila-fuelled nights with friends. The Mayan moon shone a bit brighter, the planets aligned and (cue angel song) new paths were planned. Luckily for them, the most excellent Veektor Sufuentez and Thompadre were vibeing on the same vibes down here back in the motherland. Mad Mexicans through and through, they too had a yearning for a Mexican revolution. The four decided to band-of-brother it up.

Perron Illovo opened its doors in May 2014 to happy customers who fast became family; to day of the dead fiestas, and dancing on tables; to tasty tapas shared between friends and to afternoons of sipping magical margaritas in the sun.

Joburg, that wonderful temptress of a city, opened her arms wide and pulled Perron into her embrace. And so to share their love of all things Mexican, the four amigos decided to open Perron Bryanston in March 2016.

We love Mexican food, we love tequila, we love you (in a strictly non-Michael-Jackson kinda way).